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5 Tips for Planning a Small DIY Wedding

Organization is the key ingredient to planning your small DIY wedding like a pro.

Couples often hire a professional wedding planner to help supervise their wedding plans because they plan and create weddings beautifully. Do not let this intimidate you into thinking you can't take on the challenge and design your wedding.

It doesn't matter if you're working with a tight wedding budget or you love the DIY possibility – it can come with stress, but it's possible to plan your wedding just the way you want it.

These five hacks will help you get started in planning your small DIY wedding with little stress.

1. Set and Stick to your Wedding Budget:

Your wedding budget will be the deciding factor for many of your decisions, so this is the first thing you need to tackle. If your family members are willing to contribute, chat with them to know how much they're comfortable spending.

But, if the bills are on you, it's time to focus on your finances. And be prepared for a reality check because when it comes to budgeting for your wedding day, lots of couples don't fully realize the scope of expenses involved.

Once you've decided on the amount, stick to it!

2. Create a List of Wedding Day Priorities:

Have a chat with your significant half and pinpoint what the three most essential aspects of your wedding will be. Is it a specific wedding date or venue? Getting a videographer or live band?

Prioritize the important stuff and consider compromising on the rest. This will assist you in staying within your budget and help you focus your attention on what's necessary.

3. Get Organized:

To organize your budgets, decisions, numbers, etc., you can use spreadsheets, Excel, checklists, Word, Google Docs – or any other thing that's available to you as long as it helps gather your plans in one place.

Also, some excellent online tools and apps out there can do the work. We love AllSeated for visualizing venue layouts and seating charts and WeddingHappy to stay on track with tasks.

4. Involve your Significant Half:

Do not feel you're all alone in the wedding planning process. Have a chat with your partner while planning to hear their opinion – this is bound to be invaluable even if they're involved in just some aspects – this makes wedding planning so much fun when you can make the decisions together.

5. Choose Wedding Dates:

Although it's too early in the process to pick a wedding date, it is helpful when you narrow down potential months and seasons for your big day. A general idea of the date you would like to get married will help you with venues, to be specific, guide you.

In addition, a general idea will as well help you focus on the type of inspiration you would like to search for on platforms like Pinterest.

Yes, you guessed right! These are not all the tips you will need, but these will help you get started and confident in planning your small DIY wedding.

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