• Alyssa Moss

How Covid Changed Our Wedding Business

If you were planning your wedding to take place in 2020 and had your dream wedding taken from you, we're so sorry... and we're WITH you! As a wedding videography company - it was the strangest year of our business so far.. It was a heavy year for all of us, but as the Spring of 2021 warms up we thought we would share some insight on how Covid-19 shaped our year, our mindset, and how we think it will continue to affect it...

A lot of our clients dream of a big wedding day... One with all of their family and friends sitting there as they seal the deal to forever with a kiss. Then they throw the biggest party of their lives to celebrate that special moment. Because this is what a lot of our clients are looking for... They had to wait. They had to post-pone. And it seems like this wait will never end.

However a lot of our clients have also adapted. Weddings became smaller, more intimate, more simple. And a part of me really enjoys this... It's almost as if it brings more attention to the reason you're all gathered in the first place. It takes away the flashing lights of the DJ on the dance floor, the 2 hours time window for family portraits, and the overpriced catering. It emphasizes the simplicity and delicacy of the moment. It shows you what matters... When you're unable to have everyone and their mother come to your wedding day - it becomes more about the desire to start a life together.

We were no longer emailing price quotes on videographers shooting for 8-12 hours. We were sending rates for 4 hours of coverage to capture the bride and groom getting ready with their immediate family through to them celebrating with a simple, home-cooked and socially distanced dinner.

Moss Videography had to start offering price quotes that we haven't offered since the beginning of our career because so many of our clients were suddenly on strict budgets due to job losses. I didn't want us to feel unattainable to those that had a harder year because of something that was out of everyone's control.

As hard as it all was... I believe the time we endured last year (and this year who are we kidding?) showed us what matters in life. Being with our loved ones... The real ones. Not the ones you want to show off for. It's inspiring to myself as an artist, a videographer, to capture these simple moments that almost feel more valuable because there's so many less people there to enjoy it.

I don't know if we'll ever book 46 big weddings in one year again... I personally love the idea of a small simple wedding. It keeps the stress down leading up to the big wedding day. Why should the happiest day of your life cause you so much stress and anxiety?

Human life is beautifully vulnerable. Don't take it for granted!

These are just some thoughts I have as we come out of the crazy year that was 2020 and into the new 2021 wedding season!

Hope you enjoyed,

Alyssa Moss ❤️🎥

I would also like to add that if you're looking for a cheap and unique venue for your small wedding... Check out The Venue at James Creek in Ellenboro, NC. The property is absolutely beautiful and they offer a lot of custom small wedding/DIY package options that I believe are incredibly affordable. Just trust me and go for a tour there! The photos in this article were taken there.

Here is a link to their website:


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