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The Average Cost of a Wedding in North Carolina

You're probably reading this article because of two things. First, you're living in North Carolina. Second, you just slipped an engagement ring into a beautiful lady's finger, or you now have a dream man that's all ready to spend his life with you.

And something extra that is true; you want to have your wedding in North Carolina.

For an eventful wedding, you need to have a budget so you won't be caught unawares.

So here's the real question: how much do you need to have a wedding of your taste in North Carolina?

Let's slow down a bit. Before you ask that question, you need to ask yourself what you want for your wedding.

Please make a list, and let's get right into the costs.

Cost Of A Wedding In North Carolina

A reasonable venue costs around $7500. To book a venue, you need to understand how things work to fit your date.

Going further by getting rentals would cost you $3000 to $11000.

This seems like a wide range, but I put it this way because the price is dependent on location in North Carolina, the period in the year, the popularity of the rental company, and the house inclusions like the plates, tables, and so on.

To get a priest to officiate the ceremony, you can offer a token of $1000 or less.

Suiting your guests with food packages containing appetizers will cost an average of $75 per person.

Getting a videographer that will cover your wedding throughout its session depends on the professional or company. However, the budget is $1800 to $11,000.

The wedding gowns, and suit, should be in your budget for not less than $5500. The hair & makeup varies across each bridesmaid and the bride; this could cost $150 and $250, respectively.

The wedding cakes are not priced by pan but usually per slice. So you have to budget for at least 80% of the number of guests you invite. This will be $6 or $12 per slice.

Budgeting for a music band should be about $2500 to $5000. Don't forget you need $1000 to get a good DJ.

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