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Moss Videography was started in September of 2016 by Alyssa Moss. Her goal was to help small businesses grow by helping them create digital content for their online presence. However, within the first few months of business weddings quickly took over! In 2017, Moss Videography wrapped the year with 46 weddings.

After almost five years of business, Moss Videography has grown in several different directions. The biggest new direction being marketing. Which is so exciting for us because that was our initial goal from the beginning of opening the business! Alyssa says that she is most passionate about teaching other small business owners how to grow online. "We don't like to just create great videos and hand them over to you, but to really show you the most effective way to use that video online to expand and grow your brand."

Moss Videography specializes in cinematic highlight reels of weddings. We like to describe our style as your own personal music video about your love story! On the commercial side of video, we have grown popular around the Charlotte, NC region for our documentaries. Those are some of our bigger, and more time consuming project. We've spent months with some of our clients making sure we are learning about the lifestyle of our clients, so that we can deliver a true and authentic representation of them online.


Meet Our Owner

Hello, my name is Alyssa! I had no idea what I was starting when I began Moss Videography, I just knew I loved creating videos and I wanted to share what I knew!

I had a lot of experience with cameras and video editing after growing up creating YouTube videos. YouTube is also where I found a passion for marketing online. For about 8 years I was creating my own personal content while being able to bring in an income. Seeing that I could do something I loved and be paid for it is where I found my passion for entrepreneurship.

I decided to shoot a wedding for free for a friend... To see if I could even handle filming someone’s wedding on my own. After one wedding was shot and uploaded to the FaceBook page the wedding inquires came in unbelievably fast.

I’ve always believed when something is meant to happen, it will... effortlessly. I met the right people at the right time, booked the right first client, and so on.

Moss Videography is no longer just one individual but is now a team of young creatives, and I couldn’t be more proud to call this team my

group of friends.​​

Meet Our Designer

Hiya!! My name is Sarah Mocanu and I am the graphic designer here at Moss Videography! I handle all of your branding needs! I have a passion for design and creating original content that fits your specific

brand and identity.

I may seem young, but believe it or not I have 5 years of experience in the design industry! I've learned the ins and outs of website design, social media management, & brand design. (I actually designed this website hehe)

One thing in particular I love designing is apparel and graphic tees. I love seeing the final product after designing and getting them printed! I have created 30-40 designs for a few thousands of shirts!


I'm so grateful for where I am! Moss Videography is a fantastic business and I am looking forward to a future of growth and meeting new people! 

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