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Hi, I’m Alyssa Moss, the owner of Moss Videography. I started this business in September of 2016. I left both of my full-time jobs, one in retail media marketing and the other being pizza delivery driver, to chase after something I’ve always wanted to do! I didn’t know exactly what it was at the time but I knew I needed to be creating something for people.

I had a lot of experience with cameras and video editing after growing up creating YouTube videos. YouTube is also where I found a passion for marketing online. For about 8 years I was creating my own personal content while being able to bring in an income. Seeing that I could do something I loved and be paid for it is where I found my passion for entrepreneurship.

Initially, the plan with Moss Videography was to help small businesses grow online while offering video and social media tactics. However, clients were hard to find without a solid portfolio (business lesson learned.) I decided to shoot a wedding for free for a friend... To see if I could even handle filming someone’s wedding on my own. After one wedding was shot and uploaded to the FaceBook page the weddings came in unbelievably fast.

I’ve always believed when something is meant to happen, it will... effortlessly. I met the right people at the right time, booked the right first client who happened to plan their wedding at the right time of day (sunset) to make my video look better than I ever could have imagined it to. After my first client booked me and the video was a big hit on FaceBook - I shot 46 weddings the following year. Now in 2019 Moss Videography has shot over 100 weddings.

Throughout the last three years there have been so many lessons learned, relationships built, and I’ve created some of the best memories of my life. Moss Videography is no longer just one individual but is now a team of young creatives, and I couldn’t be more proud to call this team my group of friends.

Moss Videography is now expanding into new territories of commercial work, meanwhile our “simple” wedding videos are becoming large productions. I couldn’t have done this without every person that has recommended our team to their friends and family. Every like, share, and comment means something to me.

As I’m writing “our story”, I feel incredibly humbled that this is where Moss Videography came from. I could have never made it to this point without others believing in me. I am blessed to have this much passion put into what I do for a living. Thank you.

Moss Videography

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