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3 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Planned My Wedding

Congratulations on your engagement! Let me guess? You've started planning your wedding, and it feels so overwhelming. You've also probably started getting advice from every corner – "you should invite so-and-so," "you need such-and-such," and it's so exhausting. Well, today's article isn't about adding more stress to your neck.

Planning your wedding can be super exciting but can also be extremely overwhelming. It's effortless to get carried away in the planning process and eventually stressed with all the details, specifically if you're trying to handle much of the work all by yourself.

Quite a number of us here at Moss Videography have done the planning, walked down the aisle, and we also have the wedding dresses sitting beautifully in our wardrobes (and the hole in our savings) to prove it.

I thought about my wedding, and asides from getting critical pieces of advice from friends and family, I came up with three things I wish I knew before I planned my wedding, so you don't have to learn about them the hard way.

1. There is no need to spend money on frivolous things:

You probably have a mother who wants you to have a photo booth or a mother-in-law that says an elaborate wedding favor is better, or maybe you think you will need an extra dress for your reception.

Listen to this: if you spend money on frivolities, you will regret the amount of money you spent on your wedding. And that’s a fact. We went $35,000 over our wedding budget (think about that) because of all the frivolous expenses.

I want you to know that people will only remember the big things like: was there an open bar, were the speeches short, was there enough food, was the music lovely?

2. Hire a wedding planner:

You may think you’re doing an excellent job planning your wedding on your own. Well, if you want to look gorgeous and stress-free on your big day, then you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

I'm sure you also don't want to be the one keeping things organized and on schedule on your special day. Though a full wedding planning service can be costly, you can set aside a portion of your budget for a day wedding planner.

A professional one will end up being a month wedding planner as they will need to introduce themselves to your vendors and get up to speed with the plans.

3. Deal with the big stuff first:

Dress, flowers, venue, photographer, caterer, videographer (yes, you read right!). While some couples may not buy the idea of having a videographer on the scene, you should. Photos create the magic but having a video makes you relive your wedding day and have a flush of emotions all over again.

Back to what I was discussing, get the important stuff crossed off on your wedding checklist first and then re-assess your budget to see what is left for the minor stuff.

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