• Alyssa Moss

Wedding Planning Advice From A Wedding Videographer

It's another wedding season: a time for cheers and laughter, beautiful dresses, flowers, and elaborate cakes. But there's also the possibility for massive stress. Here are the top tips to help make the process easy and stress-free if you're planning your wedding.

1. Start Early:

Planning late will reduce your options drastically. This could lead to you settling for second best, poorer service, and a far from dream wedding. Begin planning your wedding well before the 3-month mark.

2. Add some spice to the planning:

With so many decisions to make, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. It's so easy to forget you're planning your special day and not enjoying the journey.

So why don't you make a celebration out of your planning events – as many as possible. For instance, if you're going for a dress fitting, try to meet with your friends for an afternoon tea or bubbly later.

3. Get organized:

To achieve this, you can use spreadsheets, Google Docs, or other online apps to create a master checklist with supplier names, contact details, and additional important information.

This will make you feel like a professional and in complete control of your wedding planning stages. If you like, you can print it and hand it over to one of your trusted bridesmaids on your big day.

4. Pick a venue:

When picking a venue for your wedding, ask yourself these two questions. What type of wedding do you want? And what number of guests would you like to invite?

When you know the answers to these questions, you begin researching possible wedding venues.

5. Take notes of every detail:

It may seem like you're back in school; however, take many notes when visiting any of your suppliers. You might forget some things by the time you get home. Particularly with venues, we recommend scoring marks out of ten on things such as charm, budget, and style.

6. Don’t leave the groom out:

As a bride, you must not forget your groom or leave the males in the bridal party as an afterthought. You will need to know what the males are wearing, how it will complement that of yourself and your bridesmaid, and the overall aesthetic of your big day.

Planning a wedding can be so tasking, but with this wedding advice, you’re off to having the wedding day of your dreams filled with a gush of emotions.

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